Women Who Wear Red

Rihanna-red dress-2013

I don’t care how this sounds: I dress for myself. I have a hard time believing women think, “Hey, men are going to love me in this dress,” before putting on a red dress. Women in red dresses know who they are. They’ve made the decision to stand out, and they’re unapologetic about their boldness and their bodies.

Red is the colour of blood and fire. Red provokes a visceral reaction and is often associated with sex, passion, love and seduction. Around the world, red attracts good fortune for the Chinese and Japanese, is used to adorn brides in India, and the words “red” and “beautiful” have the same etymology in Russian: Krasnyj and Krasivyj.

I know a man who hates women in red. He describes them as bold attention seekers. He scorns them and assumes they are terrible people with no ambition:“I would never hire a woman who would dare to show up to an interview wearing red.” I have never met anyone so averse to a colour, especially red. This man’s contempt for the colour left me cautious and curious. Is this what most people think? Does red really scream salacious slut, or was he rejected by a woman in a red dress in his formative years?

I’ll never know the answer, but I know red dominates. It triggers alertness, and it is part of almost every country’s flag. Red is the signal for stop and danger worldwide. The Queen’s Guard wears red, and nearly every army you can think of has had red in its uniform at least once in history.

Let’s face it, the problem with red isn’t the colour; it’s the intention of the woman wearing it. The red dress is a statement. Red has a positive effect on the brain. One experiment revealed that men perceive a woman in red as kind and smart, and yes, she is more likely to snatch his attention.

Men have always had an awkward relationship with the female body. They’re attracted to it, but they want it concealed—it’s complicated. Let’s not forget the old “freak in the sheets, but a lady in the streets” ideology. I sympathize with guys who wants an independent woman who will pay the bills and allow him to dictate her wardrobe (visit that woman in your dreams).

A real man goes ape for a woman in a red dress, and he’s attracted to her because he believes she is in control of her identity and comfortable with the power she possesses. He knows that this woman dares greatly and approves of herself before leaving the house.