For the love of menswear!

Walk of shame chic is an outfit that looks like it was thrown together the morning after a night of—unexpected—hot sex. It consists of a feminine item, like a dress or fitted pants accompanied by a man’s hat, shirt, jacket or other loose fitting items. The idea is to add a touch of manliness to an otherwise feminine outfit.

Forget normcore. Walk of shame chic is the next wave of sexy. We’re millennial women; we’re taking over the workforce and the bedroom—mostly the man’s side of the closet. If you’ve spotted any of the men’s spring and summer 2014 collection, I know you’re feeling me right now.  It’s possible that I’m a little too excited at the thought of rocking double-breasted blazers, plaid, that new bandana as a scarf look, and a Hawaiin shirt.  Of course, I have to find these items, but I’m all the way on it.

This summer will be marked by outfits inspired by sex that occurred on a whim. Check out the top five menswear items I’ll surely be spotted in this summer.

The Double-Breasted Blazer

Nothing says swag like the double-breasted sports blazer. It’s a classic, but this season’s tail blazing blazer is shorter and shoulder pad free.

 The Bandana as a Scarf

It’s clear that the scarf has made leaps and bounds in men’s fashion this season. They’re everywhere, but the use of the bandana is so Tupac I can’t resist. When Louis Vuitton models came out with that bandana, I knew I’d have to add it to my must-wear list.

 The Hawain Shirt

Everyone knows I’m completely in love with floral, so the Hawaiin shirt isn’t really a stretch. According to GQ, the Hawaiin shirt commandments are the following:

1. Keep the background dark

2. Do not pair with jeans

3. No pineapple buttons

Sounds like no fun. My only rule for men sporting this look is make it fitted with a tattoo sleeve—sigh. I’m confident that Allsaints, Prada, and Saint Laurent would endorse this message.