The Timelessness of Grandma Gear

grandma fashion

While crunching a grandma mint–a life saver spearmint candy–my girlfriend randomly blurted out, “I cannot wait to be an old lady!” I thought about it, Googled it, and she’s not alone. I found numerous Pinterest accounts dedicated to grandma chic, and everyone’s familiar with the advancedstyle blog that features the hottest grannies, nonnas and bubbies of New York.

Over the past few years, Betty White has been an excellent example of how to stay relevant in the entertainment business in your 80s. I’d say she’s even made it sexy. Is it possible that with all the diversity talk that’s been flying around lately that we’ll be seeing older women in fashion? I have to admit, it’s refreshing to think of old ladies as fashionable creatures who inspire style and grace, especially in our youth obsessed culture that I have been an active member of since the age of 14. I’m the first to admit that I’m not adverse to skin creams, youth potions, and even botox and fillers if they ever become necessary, but I just love me some grandma chic! Here’s a list of my favourite grandma gear.

The Grandma Flats

I love what a good pair of pumps can do for less than toned legs. However, on long days when I need to get things done, nothing beats the effortless comfort of a good pair of grandma-like flats. I like to pair them with what might otherwise be a sexy outfit.

Grandma’s Hat

Nothing says you’re in your Sunday’s best like a good hat: Grandma never left for church without one. A depleted ozone layer means wearing a hat isn’t just trendy; it’s awesome for anyone who wants to avoid wrecking their face with sun damage this summer.

The Broach

What a generational classic. I had a few years where I thought it was cool to cut everything. My friends and I would take scissors to almost any and everything. After many of my intense cutting sessions, I’d pin it all back together, often opting for a broach in the front to add a bit of class. Although I no longer butcher my t-shirts, there’s no denying what a good broach can do for the simplest of jackets, blazers, scarves, and nearly anything that touches the neckline.

Statement Glasses

The cat-eye glasses are synonymous with the 1950s and 60s. Actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are considered forever young, but they’re essentially from our grandma’s heyday. In 50 years when our grandchildren look back at pictures of us in our heyday, I’m not sure if it’ll be skinny jeans, or normcore that will stand out—I secretly hope not–but it’s worth thinking about. Maybe it’ll be all the borrowing we did from past era’s, or the timelessness of grandma gear that will stand out.


I didn’t always love floral, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious just how timeless the floral print has become. It seems anything that borrows from nature has lasting power. Other than my plans to tattoo a garden to my thigh, I’ve fallen helplessly in love with floral everything. Floral is here for at least two more seasons. Apparently the 2015 Spring/ Summer Trend reports show that botanical floral is officially in. Grandma really does know best.

The Sweater

Come on. Do I need to say more. There’s absolutely nothing in the world that says I’m eccentric and stylish like a grandma sweater.

After mentioning my grandma as many times as I have, I just had to add a picture of her effortless, timeless style.


  • Brett

    Some things just stand the test of time, and that’s grandma/grandpa gear!