The Panties Revolution

In a world filled with smart phones and smart asses, it only makes sense to have Smartest Underwear. Thinx is an underwear line designed to change the lives of women one panty at a time. Thinx has designed the ultimate—period—underwear: stain resistant, anti-microbial and leak-proof. By now, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing about granny panties, but they’re not! The ingenious undies come in four styles:


Thinx Panties


Thinx Panties


Thinx Panties


Thinx Panties

There isn’t a woman out there who hasn’t been surprised by her monthly visitor at least once in her life. Surprise, surprise! That’s actually the inspiration behind the line. Don’t laugh; we’ve all had the thought, except co-founders Miki Agrawal, Radha Agrawal and Antonia Dunbar did something about it. The Thinx website actually provides great stats:

  • The number of tampons and pads the average woman tosses in her lifetime (17,000),
  • The percentage of women in America (I’m sure it’s roughly the same in Canada) who fear “accidents” (80%),
  • The number of women who suffer from light incontinence when they laugh, lift or sneeze (33%).

If that wasn’t enough, Thinx is helping girls in developing countries in Africa to stay in school with the help of AFRIpads. In developing countries, the average girl misses 48-84 days of school because of her period. Wait! The biggest shock is yet to come—84% of girls leave school prematurely, the equivalent of 10 billion in lost income in developing countries. The Thinx site is full of facts such as these, and brings to mind an article the BBC ran back in March about a pad revolution in India inspired by a man by the name of Arunachalam Muruganantham.

Muruganantham caught his wife using rags that “he wouldn’t even use to clean his scooter.” In an attempt to help his wife out, he learned the exorbitant cost of pads and decided he could make them himself at a cheaper cost—lucky woman.

Thinx is starting a revolution of their own with panties. For every underwear purchased, AFRIpads provides seven pads. My only critique is that there needs to be at least one set of coloured cakes on the Thinx website—mine is available. Other than that, changing the world one panty at a time is an idea I can get with; who would have thought.