Movember: Star Trek, Beards and Male Sex Appeal

Common Beard

I stay apprised of the latest in men’s fashion, because I care about what men are wearing. A man who pays attention to the way his clothes fit and who bothers to cultivate a personal style is undeniably sexy. There are men who are getting by in the world off the strength of their hot bodies and/or full heads of hair. These men lack character and have no appreciation for the beauty hidden in details. They’re boring, and they lack character—or maybe just a beard.

The power of a piliferous face

Facial hair is awesome. I’m grateful for the cold months because it means the death of most insects, the proliferation of boots and—my favourite—beard season.

It’s Movember, and while it’s great that men are taking an interest in their health by growing moustaches for prostate cancer, I wish it was just Bovember.

However, the great part about Movember is that men get a taste of what they’d look like with facial hair. With a little positive reinforcement, they may consider taking it to the next level by growing a beard.

Jason Momoa beard

Ryan Gosling beard

Idris beard

Trekkies Know the 411

Take a few queues from Star Trek Next Generation. There are several instances when characters mention the reverence and power of the beard. In fact, the show is divided into two parts: the pre-Riker beard seasons and the post-Riker beard seasons.

Beardless Riker

Riker-Beard-Star Trek

According to, “Growing the beard is the definitive moment when a series begins to become noticeably better in quality.” Yes, this could be you. People will mark the moment you changed for the better based on when you started growing your beard. You can start layering like Kanye or Alexander Wang, or updating your wardrobe with a new sideways tie or yet another watch, but nothing will upgrade you like a beard.

I could go on about how much better it is for your skin, or about how much time you’ll save not shaving every day, but I believe Data says it best, “A fine full dignified beard, one that commands respect and projects thoughtfulness and dignity”—beat that!

I’ll be watching.