London Loves Pussycats


I haven’t seen an actual cat yet, but it’s obvious that London loves pussycats. I feel right at home. After all, my name is A-sha (sha pronounced like the French word chat). Plus, I dress like I have nine lives: I take risks, I experiment, and I have fun with my clothes—on or off.

Honestly, I have never seen more pussycat accessories. So far, I’ve seen the pussycat lip balm to help you communicate with your cat. There was the stuffed animal, the cat lady mug, and of course, a book about Karl Lagerfeld’s famous white pussy, Choupette. Choupette has a Wiki page, as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts.

While North Americans tend to associate cats with loneliness and spinsters, the UK reveres the cat lady. She’s a fearless pussy-loving, high-powered woman who is alone by choice. These cat women are man-eaters who prefer their millions and meows over mediocre men. I’ve seen them at random: cohorts of women at restaurants just enjoying each other’s company.

While I love my Boston Terrier, I’ve always been a fan of anything with a pussycat on it, so you can expect to see me in some kitty couture in the near future. I’m not planning to go full Michelle Pfeiffer—heck, maybe I will.

What’s up pussycat!

All my best,





  • Ayanna

    Who doesn’t love pussy cats