Lessons From The Prince Experience

Lesson #1

Last Wednesday, it was announced that Prince would be at the Bell Center on Saturday. Tickets went on sale that Thursday at noon, and sure enough, when I clicked the purchase button at exactly 12:00 pm, I was placed in a virtual waiting room. With only a three-day notice, Prince pulled off a sold-out concert.

What did we learn?

Make your own rules.

Prince is a powerhouse; however, his way of doing things proves that—sometimes—playing by your own rules means you win. In David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell says, “Facing overwhelming odds produces greatness and beauty.” Be true to your “you-ness.” Focus on what gives you the advantage. When it comes to style, wear what accentuates your best parts rather than blindly following random fashion trends.


Lesson #2

Once the concert commenced, we were asked to take our phones off. That rule was strictly enforced throughout the show. No pictures, no text messaging, no touching your phone. We were asked—simply—to enjoy the show.

What did we learn?

Live in the moment.

While we are busy trying to capture moments of our lives to share on social networks, we miss the moment. We miss the imagery and emotions evoked by the words of the song we are recording. A concert is live for a reason: live the live. Live like no one is watching; it is liberating. Even if you are forgotten after you die, at least you had a good time.

Prince Performs In Polka Dot Costume

We are not slaves to fashion; we are its manifestation.


Getting dressed is a form of personal expression; get to know yourself.