Hairspiration for 2015 with Stacie Merriman

It’s not often that I can consider myself low-maintenance; however, when it comes to my hair, I keep it simple—unless I’m trying to have some fun. For years, I had a love-hate relationship with my hair, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve left a hair salon happy (most of them from my cousin Francine’s salon). It doesn’t matter the ethnicity; people (both men and women) are sensitive about their hair.

Over the years, I’ve developed a new-found fondness for my hair. There are two possible explanations: either my hair is now ridiculously amazing, or I’ve learned to love it—I’m thinking it’s the whole familiarity breeds liking concept. If you have a grandmother like mine, you’ve probably heard the expression “A woman’s hair is her beauty” one too many times. These grandmas like traditional hairstyles and don’t you dare show up with anything shaved, except your legs, unless you’re a man, of course.

I was quite intrigued by the hair inspiration that’s out there from the Spring/Summer 2015 runway shows. There are braids, plaits and Bantu knots, which you’ll all probably recognize for their African spunk. I decided to ask Stacie Merriman from Mat & Max Salon in Les Cours Mont-Royal which styles we can expect to see in Montreal at all the holiday parties. I also asked her for a quick rundown of the newest (revamped) hair trends, and this is what she had to say:

Montrealers are wearing modern and creative looks that have been inspired by their own stories. With a little creativity—and their hairstylist—they’re able to use their hair to express their unique personalities.

 A few of the trends that are really picking up are bangs and waves: thick blunt bangs with flowing wavy hair.

Zooey- Deschanel hair


Lea Michele

Pixies are also back, but it’s not your average short crop-cut. The back is being left short, while the hair gradually becomes a long bang in the front. This cut is easy to maintain and requires minimal up-keep. 

Eva Pigford hair

Jennifer Hudson hair

There are so many hair trends that are happening right now that it makes it tough to narrow it down to just one trend. One of the key things is stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing a little change. Many women sit in my chair with 101 styles they like, but not an ounce of courage to try one. As a hairstylist, it’s important to listen to the client. When I make suggestions, I make it a point to show them what I mean; humans are visual.

 Two of my new favourites:

The classic slicked back ponytail with a fishtail braid or a twist. Adding colour or rubber bands along the ponytail adds a fun spin.

Cushnie Et Ochs

The double texture is another one I love; it’s the slick hair and deep body waves. At the top, the hair is parted down the middle or to the side. The hair is then slicked or pinned down to the ears for a smooth sleek look. Once that’s done, the ends are curled and teased to create volume and texture. I like using Bed Head After Party to achieve this look.


 Braids have gone mainstream. I’m talking about braids done every which way: French braids, messy braids, plaits and fishtails. With holiday parties and a new year approaching, just experiment a little.


Braid hair

I agree with Stacie. When Grandma said “A woman’s hair is her beauty,” she forgot to mention that you have to take chances in life—she definitely did. At the end of the day, it’s just hair; it’ll grow back. A woman’s mind is her beauty. Take risks and hair vitamins and have fun.

Asudari - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs

DKNY hair

Lupita Nyong

Lisa Folawiyo hair

DKNY hair

Zareena - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai October 2014

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