Friday Night At Black Expo Design

I was with a talented bunch on Friday night at the Black Expo Design. The night began a little slow, but the pieces I saw were worth the wait. It was a night filled with pleasant surprises, namely the dancers who opened for Malou Haiti performing an Afro-Caribbean number.


I’m sure the unofficial theme of the evening was street style meets the fantastic. NS2BStyle brought the sparkle, Beke Bobo & Alexandre dit Sandy brought the street style—men wearing trench coats, short-sleeved shirts and shorts holding children—while Malou Haiti models floated down the runway in ethereal ankle-length gowns with canvases hanging from their necks.

Beke Bobo &Alexandre dit Sandy

Syryzya, from Martinique, had fairies in their show. There was one emerald green gown that looked like it had just been plucked from a bed of leaves. The pièce de résistance, however, was a yellow ensemble reminiscent of a West African Queen Mother. Hidden in the garment’s train was an eye, and for a moment I thought it winked at me.


The thief who stole the night was Tim Creations. There were handsome men wearing harem pants and dashikis! The patchwork and attention to detail was nothing short of splendid. His women’s collection was just icing on a great slice of cake. The beauty of the fabrics combined with the unconventional floral appliqués made each dress romantic. I was almost brought to tears by the beauty of it all—then again, it could have been the Adele song playing.



Tim Creations

Images courtesy of David Anderson

  • Brett

    Looked like a fun night!