Curating Love: Look out Londontown


Sitting awake in my seat six hours gave me time to think. My thoughts were about love. How does one curate love? Curating love is personal. Inanimate objects—the purses, the watches, and that crystal encrusted steampunk ballerina dress—are all associated with priceless moments in my life.

Thinking about the past is a regular occurrence. Sometimes I create loops: I think of specific moments and replay them. I remember details: my outfit, the music, and of course, my fragrance of the moment. More importantly, I remember the people. No matter how much things have changed, or how different we are now, the moments we shared are immortalized by keepsakes. While the treasures I’ve collected over the years are invaluable, I try to be mindful.

A BBC article by James Wallman suggests that Westerners keep more than they need—we’re ‘stuffocating’. Still, I can’t resist. I’m going to buy new loot and create loops about London. I’m focused on the experience, but I can’t abandon my treasure collecting, at least not  yet .

My first find in London: a pair of pointed-toe Dr. Martens.



  • Ayanna

    Love it!

  • Karolyne Faria

    I need those boots!