Clozet Freak Cosmetics: Taking The World By Storm

Clozet Freak Cosmetics

Clozet Freak Cosmetics’ soft launch party was an epic night that brought many people back to what they called, “the good old Montreal party days.” The event is what you’d expect from a makeup line of this caliber: beautiful, posh and feel-good.

Clozet Freak Cosmetics’ boss babe in charge is Svetlana Chernienko, a former model and actress, who has her fair chair of makeup horror stories. Creating makeup that looks, feels and is packed with skin nourishing ingredients was very important to her—and thank God for that.

While I’m not from the school of no-makeup (that’s just closed minded and boring), I don’t wear a whole lot of it. I spend more time moisturizing, nourishing and protecting my skin from pollution. However, the makeup that I do wear is sacred to me. Most people are mindful of what they eat, and wouldn’t consider drinking bleach; however, we’re ignorant when it comes to the ingredients in our cosmetics.

Far too many cosmetic products are loaded with parabens, formaldehyde, hormone disruptors, pesticides and ingredients that are considered carcinogenic. In the creation of Clozet Freak Cosmetics, Svetlana was mindful of toxic ingredients and skin irritants.

I’m simple when it comes to the makeup I use; I focus on brows, lashes and lips. I have very high standards when it comes to my skin, so using just any old product will not do. I remember my first Clozet Freak Cosmetics experience: three lipsticks and two lip glosses equalled love at first glide. In fact, I have yet to find a lip gloss that I love as much as my Clozet Freak Lavender. I’m so excited that someone I know and love created such an outstanding makeup line.

On Saturday, prize-winning guests left with lipsticks and lip glosses that I’m sure they’ll love as much as I do. I can’t wait until the full line is available on their website. Clozet Freak Cosmetics is guaranteed to have a cult following—I’m honoured to be among the first to join the Freak Nation.

  • Ayanna


  • Svetlana Chernienko

    Fantastic article I loved it

  • Larysa Chernienko

    Beautiful article! It definitely was an epic night! #clozetfreakcosmetics created a product that feels and looks great on your skin. And one of the best things about the product it has no carcinogenic ingredients!!! Love the product!!!