Fashion as an art of living and loving.

The Wheel

On this site,

We say it. We wear it. We show it.

We decide who we want to be.

In the beginning, we were naked. An unexpected eviction from Eden changed all of that— high-five Eve? Well, maybe not, but every morning just before I leave the bed, I decide what to wear, and at that moment there are a few crucial things that happen: I choose to be bold, and I convince myself that I should take risks.

Fashion is a saviour, and like a true disciple, I seek her in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of myself and the world. When things go wrong—and they do—I am confident that Fashion will take the wheel.

At The Wheel

Name a subject and Asha Saint can write about it. However, the subjects she loves are stories about people or causes, fashion, food, art, and travel. Even though she makes editing look like magic, there’s no wand, just an affinity for the English language and an uncanny ability to tell a good story.