L’Autre Couture Showroom

On a warm and windy Thursday night in Montreal, I scurried downtown to the L’Auture Couture showroom for a fashion show that promised original looks by designers from Quebec and other parts of Canada. What I found was a room filled with treasures: one-of-a-kind bow ties, capes and coats and furs, lush leathers and jewelry—just a few of my favourite things.

It’s late August and everyone is thinking about fall. Fortunately, Thursday’s show inspired thoughts of colder days for all the right reasons. L’Autre Couture’s ambassador, Luko Marion, is doing something novel in Montreal. In addition to featuring an all-Canadian cast, customers have access to designers and are able to request adjustments—so there’s a bespoke element that’s irresistible.

With L’Autre Couture, Marion makes it possible to experience home-grown designers like Danniel Oickle, Pascal Labelle, Alex Gray, and so many magnificent others, all in one supercalifragilistic showroom.

Danniel Oickle_small


Alex Gray_small

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Alex Gray3


Images courtesy of Petra Stewart

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